How To Handle A Pet Emergency

Emergencies happen all the time, which can be stressful situations. You call the doctor, 911 or rush to a hospital in a situation that involves a human being, but what about your beloved family pet that can't tell you what's wrong with them? See below for some emergencies that could involve your pet and how you should handle them.

Vomiting And/Or Diarrhea

If your dog has been vomiting or has had diarrhea, think about what your dog has eaten that day. If he has had anything out of the ordinary, or been given new food or treats, you should contact your veterinarian immediately and let him know as much information as possible. Let your dog out as much as he needs to so he can relieve himself as needed. He may eat grass to help settle his stomach.

Heavy Breathing Or Excessive Panting

If your dog is breathing heavily or having problems catching his breath, without having done anything too exhausting, contact your veterinarian immediately. It could be a lot of different things including: overexertion, dehydration or even sepsis. If your veterinarian is not in the office, call the after-hours number and follow the instructions. In the meantime, keep your pet as calm as possible, and apply cool compresses to his paws to help keep him cool.

Car Accident Or Other Wounds

If your dog has been wounded by a car accident or other type of accident, keep your dog calm, and remove him from the situation to help prevent further injury. If he's bleeding, apply pressure to the wound to help prevent too much blood loss. Contact the veterinarian, or take your dog to an emergency pet clinic immediately.


If your dog has been poisoned, or eaten something that could potentially be poisonous to your dog, contact the veterinarian immediately. Do not give your dog anything including water, food or medication unless otherwise directed. If you know what your dog has gotten into, be sure to let your veterinarian know and keep the packaging just in case to help your veterinarian treat your dog.


A dog that is having a seizure can involve simply a shake of the head, constant licking, or an entire body seizure (grand mal seizure). If your dog is having any type of seizure, try to keep the room calm and quiet, and move anything out of the way to prevent your dog from injuring himself. Also remove other pets and small children, to prevent injury to them or to your dog having the seizure. Call the veterinarian immediately and be sure to let him know how long the seizure lasted, as well as what your dog was doing when he had the seizure.

Pet emergencies can happen, so it's best to be prepared in the event one happens to your pet. Always contact your veterinarian in the event of any type of emergency. Places like Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic can help.

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