3 Reasons Why Indoor Cats Are Happier And Live Longer Than Outdoor Cats

Are you debating on whether or not you should let your kitty roam freely outdoors? Cute internet videos of kitties stalking prey and acting silly seem to show that cats have nine lives. However, loving pet owners know that their fur babies aren't impervious to harm. While you may think that it's a treat for your kitty to go outside, allowing your cat to go outdoors can actually be hazardous to its health. Indoor cats are much safer and happier than outdoor cats, and here are 3 reasons why.

1. Your inside cat is less likely to be hit by a car.

Unfortunately, anytime a cat is allowed near a road there is always a chance that it will cross. That may happen with or without incident. The probability of it being struck by a car only goes up the more times a cat is allowed to roam outside. There are many reasons why a cat will roam out of your yard to cross the street. The reasons include: looking for mates, chasing prey, or just following wherever curiosity leads. The best way to prevent your cat from being struck by a vehicle is to keep it inside.  

2. Your inside cat is less likely to be physically harmed or poisoned.

When cats are allowed to go outside they face a higher risk of being harmed. They may become sick by accidentally consuming antifreeze, pesticides in grass, or rotten food. Additionally, cruel people have been known to intentionally poison pets that happen to come into their yard. Outdoor cats are more susceptible to physical harm from fighting. Even if your cat is peaceful, it may be forced to defend itself from other animals that make their way into your yard.  

3. Your inside cat is less likely to contract diseases.

Just like people contract contagious diseases from other people, your cat is susceptible to catching all sorts of diseases, viruses, and parasites from other animals. You take your kitty to the vet and you care for it. However, the types of cats your kitty will run into on the street may not be as fortunate. They may be sick or have worms or ticks.  

A Few Final Thoughts

You now know that you need to keep your kitty indoors to keep it safe. However, what do you do when you're going out of town? Why not hire a pet boarding service to protect your indoor cat and take care of it with the kind of quality that your indoor kitty deserves? While you're away your boarding service will nurture and play with your furry loved one. Instead of sitting home alone waiting for a sitter, your kitty will be constantly cared for by professionals. Check out sites like http://www.marcumroadvet.com for more information.

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