Acupuncture And Your Pet's Gastrointestinal Disease

If your pet has a gastrointestinal disease like gastric reflux or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the idea of acupuncture is probably something you've heard of a time or two. If you're a concerned pet owner, the idea of this process and how it will help are likely areas of concern you have. Here is some helpful information that can help settle your worries.

Acupuncture And Gastrointestinal Disease

If your pet suffers from a gastrointestinal disease, you know firsthand that they can suffer from painful and difficult bowel movements, chronic loose and bloody stools, loss of appetite, and a decreased energy level. However, one of the greatest things about an animal's body is that it is already equipped to heal and treat itself.

Acupuncture is a process that aims to somewhat activate this skill. As the needles enter the body, they help stimulate the nerves, calming hormones are released, and blood circulation is increased. Combined, these processes can help minimize pain and discomfort. While acupuncture won't cure the animal of the disease, it can make them feel better.

How Acupuncture Works

The main concern you probably have is how the actual acupuncture process occurs and whether or not your pet will be harmed during the process. First, understand that the process that is performed on animals is very much similar to the way that it is performed on humans.

The primary difference is the fact that some animals will need to be sedated before the process can begin to ensure they remain calm and still. Second, in terms of pain, this is not a concern that you have to worry about. The size of the needles used during the process are finer than the typical needles used, making them virtually undetectable and therefore painless.

Choosing A Veterinarian

It's important to understand that you need to be mindful when choosing a veterinarian to perform acupuncture on your pet. The reason this is so important is the fact that being a licensed veterinarian does not automatically mean that they are skilled to perform acupuncture.

In order to ensure your animal is protected and that they're getting the most out of the treatment, you want to partner with a veterinarian who is trained in and has experience with acupuncture. Depending on the state you reside in, the veterinarian may be required to hold a special license in order to administer this treatment.

If you're interested in helping your pet work through their gastrointestinal disease, speak with your pet's veterinarian to see which options are best, or check out websites like to learn more. 

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