Found An Abused Dog And Want To Keep It? 2 Tips To Make It Part Of Your Family

If you have found an abused dog and you would like to take it home, there are many things you need to do before you pick it up and put it in your car. Below are two of these things so the dog can become a healthy member of your family.

Gain the Dog's Trust

When you find the dog, do not immediately walk up to it. Because it has been abused it likely does not trust people and will be fearful. Bring a slip leash with you. This kind of leash slips around the dog's neck and when you pull it immediately tightens. This is much easier than putting a collar on the dog.

Bring food with you, such as small pieces of chicken. Throw one piece to the dog and wait for it to get the food. Turn your back to the dog as you are throwing the food to make you appear less threatening. Keep throwing the food closer and closer to you. If the dog continues to walk towards you, slowly turn around and throw another piece of food on the ground. Next, hold out a piece of food in your hand and see if the dog will take it. If it does, this is a big sign that it trusts you.

If the dog growls and lunges at you, you need to hire a professional dog catcher to get the dog for you.

Put the dog in a crate in your car and take it to the nearest emergency veterinarian.

Take the Dog to an Emergency Vet

You never know what kind of injuries the dog has. For example, if it looks completely normal it could still have internal injuries. It could have broken bones that you are not aware of.

The vet will first do x-rays to look for any broken or fractured bones. This also allows the vet to see if the dog has any old injuries that never healed properly. After the x-rays, the doctor will check the dog's temperature and look in its ears. The vet can tell approximately how old the dog is by looking at its teeth.

The vet will check the dog's skin for any infection, as well as fleas, ticks, and other parasites. If these parasites are found, the vet will give the dog a flea bath and give it proper medication to kill the parasites. If the dog has not eaten in some time it is likely dehydrated. If so, the vet will give the dog fluids through an IV.

For more information or advice, contact a center such as Seattle Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

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