4 Ways To Prepare For Your Dog's First Boarding Stay

Taking your dog to a boarding facility can be a great option when you're going away on vacation and need a professional to make sure your dog is cared for until you return. If this is your first time boarding your dog, however, there are some preparation steps you'll need to take in the weeks and days leading up to your pet's stay!

Consult With Your Vet

If you have any concerns over potential issues such as separation anxiety or other medical issues that could be aggravated by being boarded in an unfamiliar place, consult with your dog's vet ahead of time. If your dog gets serious separation anxiety, for example, the vet may very well prescribe an anti-anxiety medication that the boarding staff can administer while you're away.

Get Their Vaccines Up-to-Date

While you're at it, check with your dog's vet to make sure all of his or her vaccinations are up-to-date. Any boarding facility will require proof of recent vaccinations, especially for rabies and parvovirus. Make sure you obtain a copy of your dog's veterinary records so you can provide them to your boarding staff when you arrive with your dog, or ask your vet to fax them in ahead of time.

Check The Boarding Guidelines

In addition to finding out which vaccines your boarding facility requires your dog to have, make sure to read through all their other guidelines and rules so you can be as prepared as possible. For example, some facilities may allow you to pack a few of your pet's favorite toys or even a small bed to keep him or her comfortable, whereas others will ask you to limit the number of toys or other items brought in.

Choose the Right Package

Most boarding facilities will offer different packages to suit your dog's needs and your budget. If your dog is a homebody who enjoys being cuddled up indoors most of the time, then a basic package that includes daily feedings and a couple of potty breaks a day will likely suffice. If, however, your dog needs regular exercise and more frequent potty breaks, you may need to spend a little extra for a package with additional playtime and one-on-one interaction with the staff.

With the right preparation, your dog will be set for a safe and enjoyable stay with your local boarding facility. From there, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your pet is being well cared for in your absence. Contact a vet office like Sylvan Corners Pet Hospital for more information and assistance. 

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