3 Common Human Foods Your Dog Can Actually Eat

Feeding your dog can be complicated at times. Not only will you need to find the right ingredients for your dog's need, but you also need to practice portion control to ensure they do not overeat and become over weight. In addition, you may be giving your dog treats from the table at times. A cookie here and there may not seem like an issue, but if this cookie contains chocolate, your dog's life may be in danger. Here are a few human foods your dog can actually eat.

Peanut Butter

A tablespoon of sugar free, unsalted peanut butter here and there is a great treat for your dog. It is a great source of protein and contains a good amount of healthy fats. Protein and healthy fats combined together will strengthen your dog's muscles and joints while improving their immune system.

Of course, your dog will also love the taste and consistency of peanut butter. If you have an active dog, consider adding a tablespoon to a rubber chew toy. Your dog will be focused on this toy and the contained peanut butter for hours at a time.


You may be surprised to learn that oatmeal is also a great human food you can give your dog.

Oatmeal is rich in fiber, which aids in your dog's digestive health. If your dog has an allergy to wheat, which is common, ensuring they receive enough fiber can be difficult. Because it is free of wheat, a dog with allergies can eat oatmeal.

Cook oatmeal in water before serving it to your dog. Do not add any sugar or other ingredients. Mix the oatmeal with their regular dog food or serve it on the side as an extra treat.


Before you throw away your pumpkins this holiday season, consider giving them to your dog. Your dog can benefit from eating raw or canned pumpkin, but in small portions.

Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A, which is imperative for your dog's immune system and cardiovascular health, but it is also loaded in fiber.

Add a tablespoon of pumpkin to your dog's dry food. Or, mix raw or canned pumpkin with an egg and pour into a pie dish. Bake the mixture until it begins to harden Then, cut the baked pumpkin into small squares to create a treat that your dog can enjoy each day.

Your dog deserves a few special treats, but you must understand which human foods they can eat safely. To learn more about which foods are good for your dog, consult a veterinarian today, such as at Stewartstown Vet Services .

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